A Smart Bride's Tips for Buying a Used Wedding Dress Online

Finding your wedding dress is an amazing process. What’s more fun than searching through thousands of beautiful gowns to find the one that perfect for your personality and your wedding's style?

A used wedding dress is a smart way to get that dress for a lot less than retail, and divert that extra money to other wedding expenses – or your honeymoon! Buying a wedding dress online can be as easy and stress-free process if you keep three important things in mind:

  1. 1. Know what you are looking for

    Or at the very least, have a very strong idea. Look through wedding magazines, check online, shop in stores. Find out what flatters your figure and fits your style. Knowing what you want makes it easier to know when you've found it!

  2. 2. Understand wedding dress sizing

    Wedding dresses sizing and “street sizing" are very different. Your “street size” is the one you’d typically buy if you were at a mainstream store like Gap. Bridal sizing varies by designer with some larger and others more true to street size. It is best to compare your actual measurements to those of the seller.

  3. 3. Make sure the dress fits all of your measurements

    Sellers often list their bust/waist/hip measurements in their dress listing. Make sure that you buy a gown that matches (or is larger) than all three of your measurements. Wedding dresses can be made smaller, but it is very difficult to make them larger. And don’t forget to check the length. Gowns can be made shorter, but not longer. (And hemlines cannot be “let down” without leaving a mark).

  4. 4. Be a savvy buyer

    You’re already smart enough to know that buying a used wedding dress is a lot cheaper than retail. Now use that same smart thinking during the transaction. If something seems to good to be true, it almost always certainly is.

  5. 5. Know the gown’s retail price

    Typically a used wedding dress (in great condition) sells for 50% off. Knowing the original retail price (minus taxes and alterations) will help you in your negotiations.

  6. 6. Ask the seller questions, about everything

    Ask when the gown was purchased, if/how it was cleaned, what alterations were made, how it has been stored. Ask about any damage or marks and anything else you’d like to know about the gown – before you buy it.

  7. 7. Understand the return policy

    Will the seller allow you to return the dress or is it final sale? This is important to know upfront.

  8. 8. Use a safe payment service

    Look out for sellers that are happy to accept PayPal. Only PayPal offers an online buyer meaningful protection in case the dress arrives different to the listing description, or fails to show up during shipping. We strongly recommend looking for websites that integrate with PayPal.

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